Best NBA Teams Who Did Not Win the Championship

Every time any NBA season is about to kick off, we play the prediction game and even wage bets depending on how a team has been formed. The regular season is very tough and making it to the finals is no means an easy feat. Besting play-off rivals and getting to the finals is even harder. Throughout the NBA history, we have witnessed great teams with phenomenal achievements fail to clinch the title once or repeatedly. I have chronologically compiled a list of some of the best NBA teams who didn’t end up winning the championships.
New York Knicks, 1994
The 1994 Knicks team came close to winning the championship. Their campaign for the title had been made easier with Michael Jordan’s retirement. With the East’s best record, Patrick Ewing played like he was in a frenzy determined to savor the taste of the NBA championship. However, in the finals against the Rockets, O.J. Simpson made 16 shot misses to deny the team the much-coveted title.
Utah Jazz, 1997-98
This great team lost their chance to beat the Bulls in the 1997 finals. The next season was marked by the team’s frenzied effort to make it up for their previous title shot loss. They dominated the regular season with 62 wins. They totally annihilated the hopes of the Rockets retaining their championship in the playoffs in a very heated match. The beat the Spurs and the Lakers and got to the finals for the second year in a row. Their title buildup suffered a terrible anticlimax with the dominance of Michael Jordan and his stoppage time brilliant shot.
Portland Trail Blazers, 2000
These guys dominated the Western Conference and picked up 59wins in the regular season. During the playoffs, the Blazers were still ahead of their Western Conference rivals by fifteen points. However, their team chemistry was weary after a series of injuries and fatigue plagued this team. They lost their best shot at winning the playoff series after the Lakers knocked them out and never had another chance as good as that in the next 14 years.
Phoenix Suns, 2005
The Phoenix Suns had been going through hard times. In the 2004 season, they had not made it to the playoffs with a disappointing 29-53 performance. The team management made a few changes to the team and brought in:
• Quentin Richardson
• Steve Nash
The changes were a stroke of genius. The team became one of the most paced offenses in the season and decade. The team averaged 110 points per game they played in the 2005 season and picked up 62 wins in the regular season. Their playoffs was a disaster because other sharp coaches noted that the Suns did not have a strong defense.
Cleveland Cavaliers, 2008-09
The Chicago Bulls put up the most solid and unparalleled defense in all NBA history. The Cavaliers were hoped to be the only team that could slice up that defense and upset the 72 win record set by the Bulls. The Cavs had King James, known for his ability to slice and dice an entire team’s spirit and morale and feed the fans with the fire to wipe out the opponents confidence. The Cans had had an outstanding regular season of 66 wins as well. However, unlike the Bulls, their wins were much more dominant. The finals had been meant to be a spectacle where NBA fans would have been treated to a superiority match between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Sadly, the Cavaliers never made it to the finals. The Orlando Magic way beat them before the finals.

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