NBA Players Who Would Have Been Better Off Staying in College

NBA is irrefutably one of the biggest figures in the basketball leagues; this is because it draws the attention of many men with its charming features that enable it to surpass every other. NBA is often filled with young people that have good skills in basketball, some of them come out of college early and to test their competencies in the game. Many are times when the freshmen do not play to their level best; this could be because most of them do have the necessary expertise to play such games. There is a myriad of players that left high school and college in the past and came to play the NBA league and had tremendous success. However, in the recent past, players who came out of college do not experience such a huge win anymore. The fans and sports analysts believe that if those players who are unable to perform well in the NBA had stayed back to high school or college for another year or two, they would be seasoned to play the games.

1. Trey Lyles.
Trey Lyles chose to play for the Kentucky Wildcats for one season before joining the Utah Jazz, and unlike any other player in the Kentucky Wildcats, fans do not believe that he was ready to play for the Utah Jazz. People think that Lyles was not ready to go because his average score was way lower than the threshold; this is because he averaged 8.7 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game. It would, however, be important for people to know that all is not lost for he has chances to make changes in the next season.

2. Kelly Oubre.
He is another player who did extremely well in the high school league, but people believe that he made a wrong decision by choosing to leave school early to join the NBA. Although his performance when he was in high school was impressive, he did not manage to play the same way as it were then. Kelly Oubre averages just 10.7 minutes 3.7 points and 2.1 rebounds; this is way much below the normal, and thus people believe that he should have stayed a year or two in college so as to gain more experience.

3. Anthony Bennett.
Anthony Bennett plays for the Brooklyn Nets. There is a myriad of players who have been selected to play for the different teams at NBA after Anthony Bennett, but they have had a good time and have made names for themselves with their vast skills. Because that if Anthony Bennett stayed in school for one season, people believe that he was not well seasoned to play for the NBA; evidenced by the fact that he averages 16.1 point, 8.1 rebounds and 27.1 minutes per game.

4. Noah Vonleh.
He plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. Noah Vonleh decided to leave the Indiana Hoosiers after his freshman season; this is because he had incredibly good performance and was an icon of many players. Due to his excellent performance, he was chosen to play for the Trail Blazers at the end of the season. The performance has gone down and has made people think that he was not ready to play in the NBA but should have stayed a little longer in the former league so that he could get more skills.

5. James Young.
He plays for the Bolton Celtics. Before joining the Bolton Celtics, James Young played for the Kentucky Wildcats where he recorded an incredibly good performance. He averaged 32.4 minutes, 14.3 points and 4.3 rebounds. Young has not translated his good performance in the NBA; this is because since he joined, nothing much has changed.

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