Players Likely to Retire after the 2016-17 Season

No matter what job a person has, their career at some point has to come to an end. The same holds true for NBA players. I am going to share with you some N.B.A. players that may possibly retire after the 2016-2017 basketball season. Mike Bibby is the first basketball player that I am going to discuss.

Mike Bibby is only thirty-four years old and has been playing in the N.B.A. for fourteen years. Despite his young age, some people said that he should have retired two years ago. He is well-known for his running style of offense and his great outside shooting. Now, at 34 years old, he has slowed down a lot and only shot 28.2 percent from the field last season.

During the past two seasons Mr. Bibby has played on four sports teams: the Atlanta Hawks, the Washington Wizards, the Miami Heat, and the New York Knicks. Every time he has gone to play on a new team, he has played less than he did with the team before them. He will probably sign on with another team this season, but this one should be his last season, because his numbers will more than likely continue to lower. I think that it is unfortunate because he is so young. However, since he is so young, he can do a lot after he retires from the N.B.A. Anthony Carter is the next N.B.A. player that is probably on the road to retirement.

Anthony Carter is thirty-seven years old and has been playing with the N.B.A. as a free agent for thirteen years. He has never had high numbers. However, he has been playing for a long time, has learned a lot, and is very smart. The high points of his career consist of highs in points and assists per game, which are 7.8 and 5.5 respectively.

Despite the fact that Mr. Carter has only played fifty-seven games over the past two seasons, he still thinks that he can assist a team, says Chris Tomasson from Fox Sport. He think that he would be perfect as an assistant coach or a third point guard. Even if Carter does not get picked to play for another team, he has a standing offer with George Karl to be an assistant coach for the Denver Nuggets. From his past experiences and current record, I think he should take this job. It is more than likely the best opportunity that will be offered to him. Paul Pierce is the last player that I am going to discuss and he is absolutely going to retire after this season.

After nineteen seasons of playing for the N.B.A., Paul Pierce says it is time to retire. He said that the next season will be his last. Since I believe in quoting people directly, this is what Mr. Pierce said about retiring “It is time to move on from the game of basketball.” He has had a great career with ten all-star appearances and one championship with the Boston Celtics. With all of these achievements, it can truly be said that he has had an outstanding career. He may have played his last game with the Celtics, but I and many others will always connect him with that sports team.

This N.B.A. legends may not play the game of basketball any more in the near future, but they will always be near to my heart and I am sure yours as well. They have played their way into our hearts, and I am sure that they will always have a place there.

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